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Ethics Guides

Ethics Guides address subjects on which the staff of the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct receives frequent inquiries from the Ohio bench and bar. Ethics Guides provide nonbinding advice from the staff of the Board of Professional Conduct and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct, commissioners of the Board, or the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Corporate Ethics (2022)

Extrajudicial Activities (2022)

Limited Scope Representation (2020)

Transition from the Practice of Law to the Bench Guide (2017)

Switching Firms Guide (2017)

Succession Planning Guide (2017)

Client File Retention Guide (2016)

Ethics Guides are copyrighted, but may be used or cited without prior permission for non-commercial purposes, if the Board of Professional Conduct is properly acknowledged as the source of the guide.

For questions about an Ethics Guide, please contact:

D. Allan Asbury, Senior Counsel

Kristi McAnaul, Counsel



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