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Advisory Opinion Process 

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct may issue nonbinding advisory opinions in response to prospective or hypothetical questions from members of the bar and judiciary.  Written requests to the Director are reviewed by a committee under the guidelines in the Regulations for Issuance of Advisory Opinions.

The Board is solely responsible for the content of the advisory opinions, and the advice contained in the opinions do not reflect and should not be construed as reflecting the opinion of the Supreme Court of Ohio.






Pending Advisory Opinions (May-June, 2023)

Adv. Op. 2023-__:  Application of Code of Judicial Conduct to Mayor’s Court Magistrates

Adv. Op. 2023-__ : Compliance with Subpoena Duces Tecum for Former Client’s File

Adv. Op, 2023-__:  Appearance of a Lawyer Affiliated with the Law Firm of a Judge’s Spouse (Update of prior opinion)

Adv. Op. 2023 -__:  CSEA Staff Attorney’s Prior Service as a CSEA Administrative Hearing Officer (Update of prior opinion)

Advisory Opinion Status List
The Advisory Opinion Status List identifies the opinions as "Withdrawn," "Modified," or "Not Current," "CPR Opinion" or other designations as decided upon by the Board.


Advisory Opinion Master Index
The Advisory Opinion Master Index enables opinions to be researched by subject area.


Advisory Opinion Subscription Service

Subscribers receive electronic copies of Advisory Opinions when released by the Board of Professional Conduct.

Advisory Opinions

           Advisory Opinion Inquiries

  • Telephone Inquiries:
    A legal staff member is usually available to discuss ethics questions with judges, lawyers, and judicial candidates.

        Call 614.387.9370

  • Written Inquiries:

       Richard A. Dove, Esq., Director

       Board of Professional Conduct

       65 South Front Street, 5th Floor

       Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

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