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Ohio Board of Professional Conduct

The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct is a 28-member quasi-judicial body appointed by the Supreme Court of Ohio that consists of 17 lawyers, seven active or retired judges, and four non-lawyers. The Board's duties are as follows:

  • Adjudicating formal complaints of misconduct involving judges and lawyers and making recommendations to the Supreme Court on the appropriate sanction

  • Hearing cases involving the impairment of judges and lawyers and the reinstatement of lawyers suspended from the practice of law

  • Monitoring and assisting bar association certified grievance committees in the regulation of the legal profession

  • Issuing ethics advisory opinions

  • Advising judges and lawyers on ethics compliance

  • Conducting educational programs on ethics for judges, lawyers, and judicial candidates

  • Receiving and retaining financial disclosure statements filed annually by judges, magistrates, and judicial candidates


Guide to the Board of Professional Conduct


2023 Annual Report



Annual Report Archive

Board Roster 

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Ohio Board of Professional Conduct
65 South Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431

Phone: 614.387.9370
Fax: 614.387.9379

Chair:  Hon. D. Chris Cook

Vice-chair:  Patrick M. McLaughlin, Esq.

Director:  Richard A. Dove, Esq.

Senior Counsel:  D. Allan Asbury, Esq.

Counsel:  Vacant

Case Management Clerk:  Faith Long


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